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The conference is carried out by the public and governmental organization «Russian Association of Networks and Services», supported by the Ministry of Communication and Informatization of the Russian Federation.

The distinctive feature of RANS conferences is that they are organized by experts for experts.

High intensity of the program, prestige of RANS make it possible to provide high level of representation at the conference for public authorities, leading experts-practitioners, business delegates, scientists, representatives of international organizations related to the development of the Internet in the world.

The conference participants get a real opportunity to exchange experiences, learn about new trends in the development of the market, standards and regulations, discuss problems and solutions, communicate with old acquaintances and have new contacts.

In the course of three days of the conference technological, production, consumer, infrastructural, organizational, normative and legal, educational, research and other trends in the development of IP-communications and IP-services will be scrutinized. The conference is aimed at the reduction of digital divide, elimination of barriers for access to mass communications and information resources for organizations and citizens of the Russian Federation, improvement and diversification of infocommunication services.

During the conference an exposition will work to reveal achievements in application of IP-communications and IP-services to make activity of organizations more efficient and safe.

The core topics to be discussed at the conference are as follows:

  • trends in the development of IP-communications, integration of networks and services;
  • development of the Internet in Russian regions, overcoming of "digital divide";
  • development of business models in the process of conversion from telecommunications to infocommunications, relationship and interaction of different businesses;
  • security and trust in infocommunications;
  • improvement of regulations and standards;
  • the role of RANS in the development of IP-communications and IP-services.

The conference program is prepared by the Program Committee, consisting of well-known experts in the trade, representatives of business, science, state authorities.

They have something to tell the audience, and they know how to attract interesting speakers to participate.

The program is orientated to discussion of the problems of infocommunication business, interaction of operators, providers and users, diversification of range of applications. It is formed as a dialogue of different businesses and users, intended to improve the role of IP-communications and IP-services in everyday activity of organizations and people’s life.

At the conference honorary RANS awards will be bestowed for achievements in the development of Russian infocimmunications in 2008.

You are invited to take part in the international forum on development of IP-communications and IP-services!



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